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My son is 15. He doesn’t get along with my husband (I got remarried about 2 years ago) or my two step kids. I started to feel like he thought I was the only one happy to see him when he comes here. I got him a black lab puppy with the hope that having his own dog here would help him feel more at home. It’s definitely helped and I had them take obedience classes together. My son struggles with impulsiveness and reading social cues which makes it hard for him to make and keep friends so I think having one being in his life who never criticizes and is always happy to see him has really helped him adjust over the last few years. It’s also helped with responsibility as he knows he needs to get up and let the dog out before he goes to school and he does this most days without me telling him. He also takes the dog for walks and runs which exercise has always improved his mood and ability to concentrate. The only drawback is that because I share custody of my boys with their dad, they don’t get to be together every day.