Reply To: Another girl without friends


Good day. I have the same predicament with my niece. She was diagnosed to have dyslexia and ADD when she was in the 2nd grade. I was always wondering and mad why she was always got picked and bullied in school.

I noticed that she easily befriends with children she just met but after a while she was always left alone. I came to realize with the help of articles about her condition, nd one of these I read from this website that they really have problems making friends, making social connections. I just pray that someday if not in high school, possibly in college she may find even just one true friend who will accept her as she is. Group projects or extracurricular group activities are not for her, she is not good working with others but excels when she is on her own.

I know that she is really longing to have one, but we cannot force it on just anybody. I just assure her that she will always have a friend in me no matter what, and I can her best friend for the time being. I always tell her, by my and her prayers she will find that one true friend.

I feel what you go through seeing your child having difficulty making friends. She is lucky to have you.

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