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I waited until I was 60 which is too long. I look back and wonder what could have been. I lost a child at 26 who was not treated and now believe that could have turned out differently. We are all different. The risk taking the medication seems to be mostly if your child does not have ADHD. It worries me that people are cavalierly diagnosing ADHD because it is a very subjective diagnosis. The effect that the medication has on your child is used to confirm a diagnosis. Anyone can take a stimulant and be more attentive. If your child takes a stimulant and calms down I would be more impressed. Medication and treatment go hand in hand but if you wanted to be cautious I would think you could start therapy first. ADHD seems to cause a slower maturity curve so an ADHD child may do better with kids 10-20 percent younger than they are. Learning ability is only secondarily caused by ADHD, lots of people that are ADHD are very quick readers and learners so don’t buy that one. I could talk forever but I try not to.