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Hi Kries, let me chime in but the best advice is that you have to really pay attention to what your body tells you. I am fairly typical ADHD and 61 years old. I only started treatment about 9 months ago. My hyperactivity seemed to me to be unexplained anxiety. Anxiety has a cause and mine didn’t because it was hyperactivity. It became a problem for me at an age where male hormones drop so it probably is similar to all the women that don’t get diagnosed for ADHD because we expect anxiety for no reason in women (not really funny). I got great relief after the dose went to 20. I think they look to be careful and start you slow. As for the coffee I have pretty much gotten by with coffee for the last 30 years because I did not have stimulant medication, and we need stimulant. I was up to 2 pots a day which causes problems on its own. Coffee works in the same direction as adderal for me so I can have a cup in the morning and it helps and I use it as I please. I am one of those people that can drink coffee and go to sleep and I can also nap on adderal, but that is contrary to most people. Alcohol works against the stimulant and I don’t think any doctor would tell you it is a great thing if you have ADHD. That said if a glass of wine or a drink makes you feel better I don’t think it’s prohibited. Best of luck.