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I think you have a lot of good advice above.
Just thought I would throw in the perspective of someone who has struggled with medication and pharmacies.
1. It took a while to get the right medication. The wrong meds made my mood swings WAY worse.
2. Stress amplifies my symptoms to the point where it can negate the positive effects of medication. I imagine the new diagnosis, shock of dropping out of college, etc., is going to make finding the right medication a bit harder. 3. Medication withdrawal is hell. Been there, done that, trying to figure out how to find out how often this happens, etc., because I want to do a massive research project on it.

If it makes you feel better, I was not diagnosed until right before I went to college. I refused medication on and off in college, which killed my GPA. When I stopped struggling against the diagnosis and had the proper meds, things went well. I am now a PhD Candidate that has masters degrees in teaching and public health. (okay, so the I want to do all the things aspect of ADHD wasn’t medicated away). Some days are a struggle. But, I’ve managed to find fields of study that benefit from my “box, what box?!” thinking.