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Congratulations on your graduation!
Just by asking for help, with such honesty, you show that you have the maturity to listen to others in order to make good decisions. This, and your slightly older status, will make you stand out amongst other graduates as a quality employee, I’m sure you will find work in a place that values you, even if that isn’t the first, second, or third place you apply to.
I wish I’d been as self-reflective as you are at your age. You are really getting to know yourself, and that is key to living a satisfying life.
You’re quite right, making decisions is not a ‘sentence’. Try to identify how much of that feeling comes from external pressures. Even in movies, people graduate and stick to their career for life, but that’s a social construct for a story, not a picture of reality!
There are so many ways you can satisfy multiple interests. Night school, or online learning, for example. I’ve had many, many jobs, and now I’m at peace with constantly moving – it’s unconventional, but I enjoy it. I’ve studied language at night school whilst working as a cook, with vocabulary lists posted up in the kitchen, so that I could travel. You sound inovative, find your own way! Volunteer work, clubs, all sorts of possibilities exists for you to make the most of your varying interests and curiosities.
So, enjoy the opportunities your graduation brings to you, and take time to enjoy the freedom between now and a career. Keep on reflecting on what is important to you, and recognise when you need a change. Sometimes little changes, such as finding a new route to work, can be enough to help new ways of seeing things to emerge.