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Yes, if your son loved that dog, I bet he would really benefit from a dog in the house! Our son with mild autism/ADHD/Sensory/Anxiety is now 18 and we got Gracie when he was about 6 or so. Like Ciara above, our kids didn’t do a whole lot with the dog for a long time, especially our son (our neurotypical daughter did better) but the long-run payoff has been great. Our son has grown to absolutely love all dogs and pets and I believe it has truly helped him with developing empathy toward those pesky humans too! One thing to remember is that our kids with these differences will often reach the milestones but they are DOCUMENTED to reach them at least two or three years later, so this empathy and such usually comes, just late. I do think our pet has been wonderful for that…and as a source of comfort for him during his times of anxiety. Warning: some Goldendoodles love to eat shoes!