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One of the the things i masterred while quite young with raging ADHD was quitting smoking. In fact the 5 occasions it occurred made me somewhat of an expert. The first time I was around 13 and out of an after work job to pay for them, The second time at 16- 17 and in the army. A bet was made and in fact was won after two months against several other participants. This time i noticed certain withdrawl milestones that things were exceedingly better after i passed them. The third time i made it for two years after my daughter was born and started again when the second was born literally while in labor waiting room. This time I smoked for a few years quit.
The second last time i quit for almost 10 years before i started up . I was giving talks on the new contributary pension plan to 30 employees at a time . Their union had negotiated it and they were upset that it meant another pay deduction. 550 employees later we finished and the actuary and I went out for a beer and as it turned out a cigarette. Finally 5 years later i gave up smoking and went back to golfing.
What did i learn from all this.
Well i learned to quit every weekend cause someDay it will work so every Sunday night i quit and it worked 4 times.
I learned never to ever take another cigarette. Just one is deadly,
I learned That because the first or second or third time doesnt wirk, keep doing it because you always learn something from the effort and I have now gone almost 40 years without smoking.