Reply To: Another girl without friends


I am this little girl at 6 years of age. I was never diagnosed with ADHD because I was born in 1953 when ADHD was not even a diagnosis yet. I grew-up to be taunted and isolated from my peers. My mother was very young when she had me so she did not have the skills to understand what was going on. I grew up thinking it was me.

Here I am now 65 years old. I have a masters degree and I have been a teacher for 23 years. Most of it has been in special education. I can tell you that if your child has a great special education teacher she can help your child with those social skills and she can give you advice on how your child can be helped at home. I do it a lot with my parents.

It is not that hard to help a child who you know could grow up not knowing why people treat you so differently. I would also get your child into counseling. When a child can learn to explain their feelings it give them more power over their own self. It also gives them a chance to explain their feelings to their mother and father so they can understand and help them.

I am a better communicator but I still have trouble with relationships. I have a wonderful man who has been great. He finds me to be smart, have a sense of humor, and a very caring/thoughtful person. That to me is all that matters. Your child will be stronger and better because you are a very caring person who wants the very best. You have excellent resources from what I can see from the comments on this topic. Relax and your child will welcome your self-assurance which will make a world of difference to them. Ragonzales