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As I aged and i tended to get less sleep as the job and home demands increased ( and I owned the company) My low frustration tolerance became NO frustration tolerance. I even made the google page for it a bookmark and checked from time to time for suggestions and solutions. I had RSD bigtime and it was getting worse. I retired and 10 frustrating years later found out i was Adhd and undergoing a major depression. Third wife was leaving and this was the bottom
Hospitalized, i started on Effexxor for the depression, it works like Strattera, with slow and steady progress. I learned to value sleep above all else and i found out group participation in music was a great producer of Dopamine. I cut out my 10 to 20 mugs of coffee a day and switched to decafe. Concerta was prescribed but was not very helpful and i quit it. I read and really enjoyed the book Mindfulness for Dummies and i read many of the other novels for ADHDers. I have also read and posted replies to many articles here and on TotallyADD.
Diet haas changed dramatically with as few prepared servings as i can and a cup of mixed fruit with cold cereal every day. Vegetables fresh and frozen make up at least half of every meal even with Pasta, i have alwatys had a sweet tooth so dessert is a big deal but i have cut down and favor chocolate and fruit pies.
Exercise is my achilles and I do not get enough. Still trying to improve that part as i think that is among the best natural remedies.

I cut back the Effexxor and will probably cut back even more but it did a fantastic job of eliminating the depression and reducing pain in this arthritic body so am not in any rush.
A year ago I underwent Heart valve replacement surgery and was very thankful for the meds then (broken Ribs) and other than an occasional Moo now and again have recovered quickly and thoroughly.
These forums and articles are outstanding in their wealth of suggestions. READ the comments Many are helpful but they dont all work for everyone.
Finally give yourself a lot of support and Kudos . You have made it this far battling a wary adversary.