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This is my 10 year old daughter exactly. I think this black and white thinking becomes so obvious/apparent at this age because typical peers are progressing into the abstract (grays) at lightening speed at this age. My daughter is affected socially because of this and I’m even starting to see an academic impact because at this age they are expected to make inferences, connections and see different opinions. Prior to this age. all kids are relatively concrete in their thinking. I don’t have the answers for you. I have my daughter in therapy and she has gotten a lot of social skill and language support in school but not enough to make a difference. So I have finally decided now is the time to switch to a school for kids with learning disabilities so she can get the “in the moment” social skills and language training. My hope is that finishing off elementary school and then middle school in this type of school will make a difference… and she won’t be the victim of bullying, which makes her anxiety even worse. Good luck.

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