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Congrats in all the progress you’ve made!

I have been tobacco free for over 3 years now. Quitting smoking is really hard but it is SO worth It! For me, I just had to make up my mind that I was never going to smoke another cigarette no matter what. Before I made this “firm” decision for myself I had attempted and failed to quit a dozen times. I even paid out of pocket for a very expensive cessation drug. I used nicotine patches and lozenges. There are many programs that will help you get these items at a discount or for free. I used more than I was supposed to at times. Especially during my shifts at work. I went from step one with lozenges to step 3 with no lozenges in about a month. I never allow myself a cigarette. Ever. This is how I’ve stayed without it.

I had a cough at 24 due to smoking. I am happy to report that within weeks I felt better and wasn’t coughing. I hardly ever get sick anymore!

I also added up how much I was spending on cigarettes and kept that number in my mind. Find some people who have quit and are encouraging. Smoking is so social it is important to find others to be around that don’t smoke!

Good luck. You can do It!!!