Reply To: End of a marriage??


Dear Rmunet,
I disagree with J-mf. Staying “for the children” is one of the worst reasons to remain married-ask anyone who has done it. Start taking care of yourself and your 3 innocent children immediately. Christine has major issues that you cannot fix by cleaning up after her or telling her she is beautiful. Getting a housekeeper and laundry service are temporary fixes. They will never help the deep issues. Get into therapy (yourself) immediately. Find a professional who actively talks to you and helps you to resolve issues – not just a listener – you don’t need to vent – you need professional guidance. Christine will always be the mother of your children. They will always love her. I don’t doubt she loves them. But you have to make the decision for them now so she can get help and they can be clean and healthy everyday. Don’t let guilt or social traditions make decisions for you – talk to a professional and look within yourself – ask yourself: Do I want to live exactly like THIS in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years? Do I want my children to live like this? Good luck to you and your family. Ask for help and don’t go this alone. People love you – but no one knows you are suffering unless you tell them. Divorced, mom of 2 boys, Lifetime AdD and Severe Anxiety (both diagnosed after age 35)