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There have been a few things in my life that I have stuck with for the most part. Professionally though, I do feel like I am underachieving. Not that I’m finished yet. I’m not mad or angry, but frustrated and disappointed. I know what I’m capable of if my mind wasn’t all over the place. This week I had around 5 things scheduled to work on/learn. I’ve cut this down to a couple for this coming week. It sounds like a better plan but I have my doubts about even sticking to these. I’ll either lose interest or my head will be turned by some new shiny thing. It’s just rinse and repeat.

I love art too. I like to draw and paint watercolor and pastels. I do get to the point though where I can’t be bothered painting for a while but I at least come back to it again. Flying commercial jets or becoming a chess master were one time things lol.

I do love to learn. More than anyone I know. There are positives to take from this but the lack of follow through on so many subjects drives me a little crazy. I want to try and limit my options. Sometimes I feel I have too many options and that is a large part of the problem. I have bought and sold many things but as well as the money, it often feels like I’ve wasted so much time.

I’m still researching, trying to find ways to deal with these problems.