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stevewmac, try not to be mad at who you are. I think this is one of my life’s biggest challenges: just accepting myself for who I am. Just a hunch but this is probably true for everyone. Anyway, my current project is remodeling the bathroom. We’ve wanted to do this for a few years. We kept looking for ideas. It was like we were waiting for the perfect plan. The sticker shock also was something else. So I finally said it was time for a new approach. I got out some of my tools and just started demoing the room. I had a reasonably good idea of what needs to go. I was going to do the plumbing but I’ve since decided it really isn’t that expensive to hire a professional for that part. The design is changing but my wife and I are settling on something that will be really cool. Not sure about the tub yet.

The point is I’m doing this project like I do mostly everything. There is no concrete plan. I iteratively bounce around all of the parts and think about each, digging down into detail and then jumping off to another part when I feel bogged down in it. After a while I feel ready to begin. I do know what has to be done in what order. I will take my time so my iterartive mind has time to go over everything to make sure I don’t forget anything. My wife understands this process and just lets me be. I’ve done this enough that I have confidence that it will be nice when I’m done. I’ve never done a bathroom before and I doubt if I’ll do it again. I might have wasted $40 on plumbing equipment I won’t really use but I will save at least $10k on the whole project.

My suggestion is for you is to think of a project that you could use a new skill for. Start small. Understand why you walk away. If you’re like me you find a road block and give up on everything. Rather, temporarily give up on that one small part and find another. Just know you’ll get back to it. Also, when you find a small part you’re comfortable with, do it. Don’t worry about the other parts. Again, start small. Just keep coming back to it. I try to create an emotional connection to a project because I know that will bring me back. The usual external motivations don’t work. So, a bathroom that my wife can soak in a tub and be pampered is the image in my head that keeps bringing me back. Because I owe her for so much that she’s done for me.