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I feel like we would make awesome R and D people. Research and development. Finding all the info for a given project and selecting all the tools needed for that, and then moving on to the next project. I think we have really unique assets, but it’s not always easy finding the right outlet for that. Sales might be another good avenue, my dad was a top salesman, and I’m pretty sure he had some ADHD. He would no a product down to the solder points on the circuit board, actually that’s not an exaggeration, and he could explain it to a customer and why it made this model/product perfect for their needs. He sold office equipment to companies, mainly type writers and then computers. My mom once asked how he could stand trying to sell things to people, but he said he wasn’t “selling” them things, but that he was helping them solve their problems or find solutions to their particular business needs.
So your 53, but I bet you’ve got some great life skills and abilities in so many areas, you’re like a journeymen or road scholar. Like a Doctorate in Integrated Studies. I don’t know if you’re close to retirement or like me, in the process of re-inventing yourself yet again. But try to focus and present that positive ability. That sure, you change hobbies or interests a lot, but that if actually something that people of gifted intellect to, google it. They totally absorb themselves in something, until they’ve learned everything about it or mastered it and then they look for something new to learn, because they love learning.
Present it and see it as you having the ability to learn pretty much anything. We could become surgeons if we wanted. Isn’t that amazing? To be able to learn what ever you want? We don’t buy into that locked mindset trap. If we want to learn it we do, and we don’t think about whether or not we’re smart enough. It’s like we’ve discovered a secret door to infinite knowledge attainment that the rest of the world doesn’t know about, because they assume people have a set intelligence when in reality they don’t. You can learn anything at any time. My daughter is teaching herself Kanji, why because she loves anime and is curious. She’s 8. She changes projects a million times a day. I worry sometimes, like should I make her finish what she starts? But I leave her alone. If she starts an animation project at night, she gets anxious because she’s already figured out that if she doesn’t finish something by sunset it’s not getting done. This I think is the legacy of the intelligent being with ADHD. They say a house of unfinished projects is the hallmark of Bi-Polar disorder. But I think it’s also the hallmark of ADHD.
I guess if the project brought me enjoyment while I was doing it, but now it’s not, that’s ok. Through it out or give it away or sell the stuff in Ebay or Amazon. I do, however, need to stop buying books! Thank goodness for Kindle.