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I just signed up after reading this thread as it resonates in so many ways with my own experiences. I’m 53 years old and been this way since I was a kid. As a youngster, my friends used to laugh and ask “What’s your new hobby today?”. Only recently did I discover the reason for this. I wish I could give it a positive spin but I find it rather depressing. I’m still searching for ways to cope with it. Part of my frustration is in I tend to do very well with any subject if I stick with it but most times I don’t. In fact, quite often, some new shiny thing comes along and I jump into it like a maniac. I research like crazy, buy all the best equipment and materials, watch videos, buy and read books then quit before I even really get started. It’s bad enough when I quit a hobby after spending time working on it. A least I tried. Quitting before really starting is much worse. Then I feel very guilty for having wasted so much money. I feel Like my life is stuck in a never-ending loop.