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Your doctor’s answer to these questions should carry more weight than anything any of us say here. That said, I’ll share my experience.

My first day on Adderall, I had a cup of coffee. I didn’t even get through half of the 20oz cup before my heart started racing and I was wired and over-stimulated, canceling all the benefits of Adderall and leaving only harsh side effects. I had to quit. I miss it dearly, but I’d rather be able to focus and caffeine stopped helping years ago.

I do enjoy drinking wine about once a week. I keep it to two glasses. The problem with wine on Adderall is mostly that it feels less intoxicating, which might cause you to drink more than you’re used to. But just because it doesn’t feel as intoxicating doesn’t mean you aren’t getting drunk, or that toxic levels are any higher. The other problem is that both Adderall and Alcohol dehydrate you, so you get a double whammy of that. My advice would be to set yourself a limit before your start drinking, keep it low, and stick to it. And drink lots of water as well. If it’s just one glass as you implied, I doubt that’ll be a problem.

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