Reply To: Anxiety or ADHD?


As for the hyperfocus vs lack of focus part – that is normal with ADHD. Also, adults generally don’t show the “H” in “ADHD”. I might be wrong, but I am assuming we have it but we have learned to hide it by instinct. One more thing (yes, you can tell my case is fairly severe! ), ADHD is considered genetic so if you are not diagnosed there may actually be reason to question your daughters diagnosis (I know that sends you in circles but thoroughness is worth it here).

… And yet another thing! I too have General Anxiety (diagnosed after a major trauma 15 years ago but analysis suggests it was always there) and I was also excellent in school but lost the moment I went corporate. I am turning 49 soon and my diagnosis is only about a year old so we will have a LOT in common!

Good luck!