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I started 20mg Vyvanse yesterday. So far I don’t feel all that much different, other than I wasn’t completely drained when I left work yesterday evening. Today has been a nice relaxing Saturday morning. I’m not bored, I’d certainly be up for doing something fun with the kids, but I’m perfectly content piddling around the house and getting packed for a business trip next week (flight leaves in the morning).

I certainly am not finding that things just annoy me. Kids whining. Wife and mother in law chatting about things that don’t matter. Usually I check out when people are chit chatting about the weather, small talk, etc. But I actually participated in the conversation today and didn’t feel the urge to correct people or finish their sentences for them.

Could be the Vyvanse, or could be placebo since I just started the Vyvanse. I’ll try to remember to follow up in a week – which will be the real test – remembering to follow up next week! 🙂