Reply To: 1 day after being formally diagnosed


Thanks, Tina.

Curious about meds. My Dr. started me on 20mg Vyvanse every morning. I took my first dose yesterday around 10:30. Second this morning. I honestly don’t feel that much different, but it’s a lazy Saturday and I’m perfectly happy piddling around the house. I had no troubles sleeping last night, and my appetite is normal.

BUT, I came home from work yesterday feeling energetic and happy – usually I’m exhausted and just want to be alone for an hour or so.

I know 20mg is relatively a low dose – simply a starting dose, but what should I be experiencing? My mind certainly isn’t working through 420 different potential catastrophes etc, but I don’t feel driven to reorganize my closet or anything either. I’m definitely not annoyed by stupid things – it’s actually been a nice relaxing morning.