Reply To: Newly Diagnosed and Struggling


Hi Alyssa,

I hope you’re proud of yourself as well! It sounds like our situations are similar, with the internal struggles and confusion and feeling lost – the close age. You do make a great point about the “what-ifs” hindering our journey though. It’s still all very surreal to me, and my brain just has this way of running with my thoughts – so I’m still angry and sad about it all. I know that as the weeks continue on, and I find the right treatment/medication things will get better.

I’m glad I decided to post on here, because I can already feel the acceptance, and I’m lucky to have a great support system in my family and friends. Thank you for replying to this. It’s good to know that you have or are finding your path. I very much appreciate your warm words and I too, wish you all the best on this really crazy journey we get to call life.