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I would write a list down of his behaviors and the root cause of you can and talk to the therapist to make sure hes been diagnosed correctly. As a last resort extreme solution, take everything away. I mean literally everything but his bed. Lock him out of the kitchen and rest of the house completely if you can. You may have to clean his room to accomplish this (you shouldn’t have to, I know) but the point is a complete reset. Show him these things are a privilege. When he has to start asking you for every little thing he needs (annoying for you I know) make sure before you give him something else (example another drink or snack, more clothes) that hes put the trash in the trash and previous dirty clothes in the hamper. After a couple weeks of him not arguing slowly build up what hes allowed to have and if he stops doing what hes supposed to or argues about cleaning it up, take it back away. Do not yell, do not argue. Just take him to the list of rules and tell him that he didnt do what he was supposed to so you’re taking it away for now but he can still earn it back then walk away. It’s an extreme thing to do but sometimes you just gotta go back to square 1 and build good habits