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As someone with ADHD I would like to say I know you’re trying but telling helps no one. I remember being a kid and while it seemed like I never wanted
To help or do my homework it literally was like my brain was stuck in a fog and I couldn’t everytime someone yelled at me my brain would scream at me that I was worthless and that they would be better off without me…. every time I was punished I felt like I was defective and just wrong. I got so bad i was removed from my father’s home… to a normal child yelling may not be considered abuse but with a child who has adhd it really is. I ended up in a home with a women who actually understood adhd and she found out what motivates me – interest and competition. She would find ways to make cleaning fun and would sit down and have competitions with me as to who could complete the homework faster while getting it all right and have random prizes for winning. (Usually nothing big, or that even cost any money. Like an extra hour of tv or a piece of my favorite candy) Yelling wont help your child,its only going to make him worse. You need to find out what motivates him and use it to get him engaged.