Reply To: Lagging skills or ODD ?


Yes I signed up for his webinar as soon as it was announced !

So I’m having my son fill out this on line IEP tool (my local parent support grp told me about it) the other day and one of the questions was “what do you consider are your strengths ?”. His answer – lying – I’m good at lying mom. He has a sly sort of little smile as he says it the second time and I was so stunned I couldn’t respond. Now we know he has told many lies over the years – Did u take your medicine? – yes mom – look at the pill box and nope -meds still there. And big ones – did you get dads Apple password and order all those games? No way mom – of course we find out he did.

So the first example is likely he didn’t want to hear me complain about having to always remind him.
The second example was to avoid getting in trouble. But the why did he spend all of that money with the Apple account ? My husband accidentally left the password on the screen or something like that and then next day it was still there and my son wanted these games and knew we would say no and his friends were already playing them and he wanted to play with them – so impulsivity was part of that as well as not wanting to do the work (he knows he can do extra chores to make money) to earn it and ? maybe time blindness- he would have to wait weeks until he could earn enough money to buy them. And that probably seemed like a year to him.

So I’m not sure if I’m trying to justify or simply to understand how their brains work. I guess my thought is – wouldnt the intervention be different based on if it’s due to avoiding hard work versus being impulsive versus avoiding being grounded (feeling uncomfortable) etc etc?

By the way I will let you know the website for the IEP tool.