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LOVE this discussion!
I am a 21 year-old female with ADHD primarily hyperactive/impulsive type.
When I was in school I tried my hardest to balance part time work and full time school. Turns out I couldn’t.
When did I figure this out? Well…
I had to work at 12:30 one afternoon and for whatever reason my brain was telling me that I had to leave where I was at 12:30 because I worked at 1:00. I knew I worked at 12:30 but another part of me was telling me I worked at 1:00.
It wasn’t until I was underground on the subway that those separate times connected and I internally yelled at myself. WHY DOES MY BRAIN WORK THIS WAY?! I was so confused and how was I going to explain this to my boss? “Hey, turns out I’m an IDIOT and decided I worked at a different time then I was scheduled.” No I just said there was a subway delay.