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Dear nightmaresandglitter,
I agree with Bert that you should deal with a human on making this evaluation. I also encourage you to continue to listen to yourself and follow all healthy options for care. I will share my story in hopes that you might find some direction for yourself.

I am a 56 year old woman who has led a pretty simple and happy life. About five years ago I began to have some serious struggles with persistent feelings of sadness and anxiety that were inconsistent with my blessed life. I was diagnosed with depression and informed I had mild depression my whole life, but I had very strong coping skills through my life. With age, and hormone changes, I could no longer maintain the proper health without support. I found much relief in a prescribed homeopathic remedy. FAST FORWARD to two years ago. I decided to find a psychiatrist while I was healthy and centered so that if I ever dipped really low again, I would have someone good all ready to help.

FAST FORWARD to two months ago, I met with that psychiatrist again. I explained my struggles with anxiety and with some new challenging life circumstances. I explained to her that after reading more about adHd, I think it could be connected, and I think like depression and anxiety, I likely had adHd my whole life and have compensated really well. I told her that I was not interested in going through evaluation (because of expense, time, and misdiagnosis), but that under her medical care I would like to see if meds would help me. She trusted me from learning that I do know myself and that I am safe in caring for my health. So she agreed, and we started with 20mg. adderal. It helped in these ways: MY THOUGHTS ARE SIMPLY CLEARER, MY THOUGHTS ARE LESS TANGLED WITH EMOTION, MY EMOTIONS ARE PRESENT BUT NOT CONFUSING. I FEEL LIKE A HEALTHIER ME, I WORK THROUGH MY PROBLEMS APPROPRIATELY AND AM NOT CONSUMED BY THEM.
Last month, I met with my doctor and requested that I try 25mg. It seems to be working even better.

My final thoughts: 1) Search out excellent medical professionals for YOU! and 2) Find a meditation practice that speaks to you .. then meditate daily.

With gratitude for you, Lotus.