Reply To: Teenager with sleep problems


I have ADHD and I’ve had sleeping problems since always 😛 I didn’t really find any solutions though. I’m going to share my experience hoping it’ll help a little.
I’ve tried reading,but I wanted to continue the stories so bad I spent complete nights reading sleeplessly….so…no.
I’vê tried melatonin but my body quickly developed a tolerance and it wasn’t effective anymore.
I’ve tried trazodone but it didn’t just make me fall asleep,it literally made me K.O. and it gave me headaches. Worse, in mornings I would wake up dizzy and I almost fell off the stairs once.
I noticed that not touching my phone helped me fall asleep faster though! So,even though it’s super long to wait for a sleep that just WON’T come, using the phone should be the last solution really…..
I totally uderstand how annoying not falling asleep is XD
Good night