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I was prescribed two doses of vyvanse bc it hardly lasted at all. I switched to that from focalin, hoping it would last almost as long as it claimed. It was WORSE. Apparently, bc of the way it’s absorbed (GI tract) is why it lasts long for many…but there is a small percentage of people like myself who have the opposite problem: I literally got 4 hours at best. I am now on adderral XR 30 plus adderral jsbtang 20 after/..and it’s working great!!!! The adderral absorbers way better than vyvanse for me. Testing has shown I metabolism ultra ultra fat, so I still only get 9 hours total from Thai combo, but in between doses I run 5-7 miles and do vinyasa yoga. This replaces my meds for 2 hours..: so I get basically 6 hours form xr, 2 from exercise, and 2-3 from fast
The reason why they have so many kinda of the same chemical is due to various absorbptikn types and rates, bc all people are different ya know? Not to mention phenotype metabolism!!!!! Whne I broke my arm basically in half from climbing a tree at 5 years old (looked like u had a second elbow lol) I had to wait in Er bc someone was also having a Herat attack and was First priority, as he should have be n!!! In the meantime they gave me pain meds, bc again broken in half. By the time the doc came in to set my arm in place (which is very painful hence the pain meds) I was awake and alert and they couldn’t give me more bc of my age, I went they it so fast. I’ve had 7 surges from all my freak accidents, and even my one last year I was told I had to be given way way more anesthesia than my weight said I should have. I say this bc yes metabolism is HuGE, and not docs don’t think to test this: they just assume you “want more pills” but science has proven that’s not the case with me !!