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Penny Williams

First and foremost, mom and dad need to truly understand ADHD. Not only understand it, but how it affects your child, and accept it instead of trying to change it.

Traditional “crime and punishment” authoritarian parenting does not work for kids with ADHD. Instead, you have to decipher the reason behind the behavior, and address that as your actual problem. Ross Greene teaches this and a parenting approach that actually works for kids with ADHD in his books, “The Explosive Child,” and “Raising Human Beings.” I HIGHLY recommend his books and approach. It changed our lives. (He’s going to be on the ADDitude Experts webinar June 6th. Sign up here:

Positive parenting is much more effective for kids with ADHD:

The Single Most Helpful Strategy in Raising Your Child

Raising a Child Who Wants to Behave

As for medication, it improved my son’s ability to succeed a great deal. We still struggle a LOT, but exponentially less than without ADHD medication and treatment. Learn the facts about ADHD medication here:

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