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I too am a single mom, ever since my husband died – her Dad – which of course triggered off a whole new series of problems. I felt completely helpless, hopeless, trapped, depressed, lifeless and of course worried the whole time . Although she is 31 now, and living on her own somehow, she was in a really bad way. To top it all, she was completely addicted to her meds which never helped at all anyway, which is why she kept taking more and more. Then a miracle happened (only a month ago). She committed to stop this chaotic, depressing way of life to one person who for some reason was the only one left that she looked up to. She signed up to a gym, with a coach that she’s crazy about and couldn’t believe how much it made her feel better, positive, excited about life, ready to start anew. I’m telling you this because I think sport is the only way out, not psychiatrists, not meds, not therapists, not CBT, certainly not me, just sport, and subsequently healthier food and habits. Research shows that the same hormones activated by medication, are activated during sport without of course the terrible side affects. I see you’re considering taking him out of sport, please reconsider. It seems to be the only thing he enjoys. If possible, add some more physical activities to his curriculum. Although it’s been only a month, I’m convinced sport has saved my daughter’s life. However, at the age of 31, only she could have made that decision for herself. The dynamics between mother and daughter were toxic.