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GirlInterrupted06, I felt like I was reading my own journal when I read your letter. And it was incredibly beneficial and relieving to hear that others are going through the exact challenges. Please know that I am entirely sympathetic. We have gone through several psychologists and now we’re seeing an OT and child psychiatrist now. But (frustratingly and understandibly) nobody seems to to get the “whole boy”, and see what I see. I am a single mum, who willingly chose to adopt a little boy when he was 2. The diagnoses of ADHD came with dyslexia and discalculia. Now 14, we have been through the suspension route, and have now come to the place of either voluntarily taking the child out of school or going down the further path of expulsion after a disciplinary hearing. It’s devastating for a mother to hear this news especially as my son is already in a school for SEN. But the school has not let us down. As much as they are looking out for the best interests of the school children as a whole, they are looking for alternatives for us and I’m so grateful. My son struggles to understand consequences, social mores and boundaries and has underlying anger issues. The school has done its best to accommodate him in their small classes, but his behavior is really having a detrimental affect on the other children, which is causing their parents concern. My hopelessness was where do you send a child who has had to leave a SEN school? So all that to say is there are solutions and they come in unexpected forms. I didn’t reckon on getting the continued support from the school. I think also just reading the account of other parents is as I said before, really encouraging in depressing sort of way:). We are not alone. Our kids are not bad or evil. They are unique and as I have been told many times, we were given our children because we were the best ones for them. So glad I found this article today.