Reply To: The on/off switch


I do not personally think of marijuana as a drug. It’s a plant with millions of uses and it’s not all about being “high” with technology and more research being done it’s an AMAZING natural plant with many benefits. CbD is one of those. You will not feel any euphoria there is no THC. There are none of the absolutely horrid side effects of prescription ADHD meds which are nothing more than controlled doses of meth, one of the worst most addictive drugs there is…. I am proud to support federal legalization of marijuana in the US. I would much rather see that on a shelf than alcohol. And as a diagnosed ADHD for about 34 years nothing has ever worked for me the way Marijuana has. It brings the hyper down but doesn’t make me want to pass out. Instead I actually get things done. If u miss a dose u aren’t gonna feel sick… I would love to see more research on this and see more discussion about it from other ADHD patients. I am excited to see what can happen with this plant even when u take the THC out of it. Dont let the stigma mruin it.