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Eric Swanson

You are not alone and neither is your son. Check into a little bit of more reading. It is not much reading but a whole lot of insight. RSD rejection sensitivity disphoria. Betting you will find what fuels the action/reactions. Embarrassing to even explain. It is even more difficult than trying to explain ADHD in the first place.

It is written as if it’s a side show but for myself it is one of my biggest hurdles, and one that not only causes great pain but also fuels grudges that I can not let go of.

It is something we keep secretly hidden, and do not talk about, yet some literature suggests that 97% of ADD’ers have some aspects of RSD as well.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Want real relief? I am working with Peak Brain. Dr Andrew Hill. Unbelievable what his program has done for me after only 20 sessions. Far from ‘out from under’ its effects but without specifically targeting RSD I am experiencing some relief.

There is hope. Call them and have a free consult phone conversation.

Good luck