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Sorry for your extracurricular troubles. If you can, try to be good to yourself and make it a goal to be silly with this son. I’ve had a turnaround with my extreme behaviors son with talking stuffed animals. Baby talk, no loud voices. Our kids are sound sensitive and ptsd. My son now asks for a stuffed animal to weigh in when he’s “red zone.” I’m shopping with a turquoise blue rabbit in the freezer section…Later we circle back when he’s green zone. He was ”teaching” me “Chinese” the other night. That was hysterical. Other nights it’s farts. We’re very classy around here. He has to jump and run, bike and slowly we’re making tiny progress. I’m hoping to get him to improv. This summer. I think the more he can name the emotions, and see patterns…”it looks like you have a lot of feelings that need to come out.” Get him to overhear you bragging about him (maybe on the phone, etc.). Make sure he knows he’s your guy. Do everything together—chores, wash the car, plant pumpkins for October, make cookies, collect canned food with him for the homeless in the neighborhood…get him to do things for a neighbor…get the old lady’s paper. He needs to see he matters and makes a difference, sees cause and effect. We don’t give up around here. We try again. Practice it over and over. Tell him what’s coming up…no surprises. “I’ll pick you up after school. Then we go to the dentist.” Have a protein snack (and emergency snacks) in the car.:). You’ve come so far. Best to you.