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Hi. You are not alone. ADHD moms are just different from other moms. Somedays better than others. You have to keep a diary of the good days otherwise.. all you remember is the bad days and we have lots of those..

What worked for us.
1. Meds. It’s really important that he takes it. We use concerta. In small doses it helps with organization.
2. He needs an iep to get accommodations.
3. He also needs a tutor in area that he needs additional support. This is on top of the support that he might get from a school. Iep is key. If you don’t have it, school can’t do too much.
4. Regular communication with his teacher. I mean daily. To let them know the challenge and also homework he needs to focus on.
5. Make sure he feels comfortable to write tests or prep for test. Eg. For one exam we help to prep for exam at least one month ahead.
6. All the other stuff.. yes sure I get frustrated, cry, feel quilts etc etc but I have to remember that we might be the only friends left for him if he stops making friends.
7. Some days if it gets too much. I have to take a walk and let it go.