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I am relatively new to this topic and am still researching much myself. You mentioned wanting “science” or “facts” and I just want to offer these 3 thoughts:

There is something called SPECT imaging which is a brain imaging similar to an MRI – however it appears to monitor the brain in various situations, thus being able to identify areas of the brain that are overactive, underactive, etc. The intent being to then target treatment to the “science” of how the brain is working. There is a clinic in some of the bigger cities called the AMEN clinic (AMEN is the founding doctors last name). I have not tried this nor do I know anyone that has, but it does look interesting. If anyone here has experience with SPECT imaging please let us know!

I agree wholeheartedly with the person that spoke about finding a place to place your child if the school cannot provide appropriate education. I have a friend who dealt with this and also got an attorney. She was eventually successful in getting her child transferred to a specialized school at the district’s expense. There were several layers to this so it will be draining and there is a cost associated with it (legal fees, independent evaluations) – but in the end it could be beneficial.

Lastly, I have another friend who has a child with very similar things as described above. After years of medications and psychiatrists, she continued to pursue a line of thinking that no one would initially listen to – Lyme Disease. I do not know much about the science behind this – but apparently it can cause many of the similar symptoms. Her child was in fact diagnosed with a Lyme derivative, and is currently in a heavy course of treatment for such. Lyme disease is not always detected in initial exams, so a visit to a specialist on Lyme and autoimmune diseases may help.

I know the thought of pursuing all of these other options is exhausting – especially when we are just trying to get through the day. Hang in there Mom – you are doing great.