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Sweet mama, you are NEVER alone, but oh how often do we feel that way. I can empathize as a fellow single mom, and I feel very alone on a daily basis. Life is SO hard, especially being single and having a child or children who struggle – and take out their frustrations on you. You are the safe one, the one that will never leave, the one that will always be there and always love them. You are the constant. You have to find people in your life that you can lean on, even if it’s online in this forum. You have a community here. I love this letter this blogger wrote a couple of years ago. I’ve shared it with parents before, and I read it myself now and then as well. Maybe it will bring you some peace in knowing that you are definitely not alone. I’m happy to share my email as well if you’d like to connect and chat more. Hang in there, mama!

Dear Special Needs Mom Who Feels Invisible