Reply To: Teenager with sleep problems


Hi there! I have a 12 year old daughter with ADHD (like Mother, like Daughter:/!) She has also has struggled with “busy brain”
when it’s time for bed. We use 10mg of melatonin, it can disrupt natural
sleep patterns – but she does better on it than off. We did start allowing her to use music
on her phone, but just found out she has been
texting friends online until 2 – 3 am so that privilege has been revoked. Having no device activity and also being more physically active (riding her bike, walking the dog, walking to the store with me or her Daddy) has helped somewhat. A fan or a sound machine with white
noise is also very helpful. Also starting the wake up process 30 mins earlier is also a good trick. She has also been late too many times and missed a lot of school.
It was a big wake up call after discovering her sneaky phone activity. The “I didn’t get any sleep” excuse is a NO GO. Hope this helps!

She takes Adderrall on school days.