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I did not read the entire info but I caught the stuff about food in the room and CANS OF FROSTING. My daughter had this too. We’d find wrappers, 1/2 drunk gatorade, empty cans of frosting- huge stash of empty stuff hidden in her room. After much therapy- ding! A light went on in my head. Took her to a psychiatrist- this was self medicating for depression. Sugar increases seratonin (I think or something like this.) Once she started taking prozac all this stopped. I would NEVER have thought she was suffering from depression but the difference after meds was huge. Again, I did not read everything but if you’ve not looked at this- it might be part of the problem. And please keep in mind different anti-depressants work for different people so don’t give up if the first doesn’t help. This also helped her not have frequent emotional meltdowns- they went away- she’d lose it at the littlest thing. LATER she was diagnosed with ADD as well- not sure how much that played into it but the prozac fixed the sugar cravings.

Hope this is helpful and sorry I did not read entire post and replies so apologies if I am being redundant.