Reply To: ADHD With "autistic tendencies"


My little guy is 5 and has been diagnosed with ADHD, combined type. However, our evaluation also included that he tested just short to confirm he had ASD. So, we have many traits of ASD but, not enough to “count”, at that time. I feel that he has “crossed the line” and would be diagnosed if we had him tested again. We can’t have him tested again until next year. So now, he’s receiving meds for his ADHD, which is a journey to find the right one as nothing has improved his ADHD symptoms as of yet. AND, we have these ASD traits that are going untreated because we don’t have an “official” diagnosis. He’d benefit from the social skills and behavioral therapies/training that is available but, an ADHD diagnosis isn’t “enough” or coverages by insurance for these things. These services are expensive. While we are fortunate to be employed and have health insurance, we cannot afford them on the consistent basis that would be most beneficial to him and doing them irregularly/sporadically would/ oils exacerbate his symptoms as we all know routine and consistency is key for treatment for ADHD. I’m doing what I can at home but, I’m not a trained professional in these areas and I really don’t think I’m impacting/improving our situation overall. I feel your frustration. I hope you live in, or near, an area with more provider and treatment options available. I’ve never been one for confrontation but, I’ll be damned if anyone doesn’t help me, or gets in my way, in getting what my son needs. You and I are our children’s advocates. We must be the “Mama Bears” that will not take “no” for an answer, we will not accept or allow the lack of understanding/compassion/empathy of others, whoever they may be (family, friends, doctors, therapists, meddling strangers) and however well-meaning, deter us to fight for the information and resources that will help our little ones to have happy, successful lives.
I don’t know if it gets better, honestly. I can only say that “I” can do my damnedest to make it as better as “I” can. Good luck to you.