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I agree with finding a doctor who’s willing to work with you. That’s what I love about my doctor. She listens to my concerns and doesn’t treat me like I’m dumb. I’ll ask her questions about the medication, and she’ll answer them, and if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll research it.

I noticed that one person posted a link to Adderall XR, and I’d also suggest trying that. Along with ADD, I have a neurological condition, and at one point, my meds stopped being as effective, but I didn’t want to take more than what I was on. My doctor suggested the XR version, and it changed everything. I couldn’t take Adderall because, like many stimulants, the effect hits you all at once, and I got debilitating migraines. I switched to Vyvanse (which isn’t specifically XR, but the way it’s processed in the body means that it has a tapered release effect), and it works much better. If you have to take your Adderall twice a day, it could be that your body just processes that first 30mg really fast and so you need another. So definitely find a new doctor willing to work with you, but I’d also recommend giving the Adderall XR a try.