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Are you currently employed?

When you say the jobs you find don’t pay much, are you comparing the salary to what you currently earn? If not, what are you measuring by?

As far as the drug test, are you concerned about failing due to your Rx meds? If so, you can submit documentation about that before taking the test. The test results can differentiate between different substances, so if you give the employer a heads up, they can read the results properly.

I would advise you to consider if the jobs you find are good stepping stones to what youbreally want. Are they at a company where there are regular performance reviews and salary reviews? Are they at a company where you can move up or to a different dept you would enjoy more? Are they jobs that would qualify you for something desirable by giving you needed experience?

I found that just getting the momentum going by changing to a position that fit my most important criteria has made a huge difference. (Short commute, focus on helping people with an important issue, pays at least what I was already making, has health ins benefits) This position is a step in a lifelong journey. Now that I have made one step, I know I can make another when I need to do so.

What are your MUST HAVES? Look for jobs that provide those and go for them. One at a time if necessary.