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Well, it’s been a year since I last commented on this thread. I was notified of Cohen’s post today and that brought me back here.

I have a NEW JOB that I really enjoy. I started the last week of March and so far, I think it is going well. I have better pay and benefits, am learning a new imdustry and there are lots of people I this company so I get to know my team, but also see new faces. (i.e. keeps it interesting).

This job is inbound call center, so they are super strict about logging in on time at the start of your shift and when returning from your scheduled breaks. That is the only thing I strongly dislike. I’ve learned to use strategies to help me stay within my break time such as setting a timer on my phone that is LESS than my allotted time so I return to my computer a few minutes early.

I look at this as an opportunity to improve my sense of time and my punctuality. I am always telling my kids you have to adjust to what is required of you to achieve your goals or please you supervisor / teacher / boss. Now it’s time for me to exemplify that. I do plan to switch to a different position with more freedom and higher pay, but I see this as a great start.

As far as how I overcame my fear of handling the job hunt, I first started working on my self image. During one of my counseling sessions, my counselor asked me to write down 20 things I like about myself. As I did that and thought about these qualities and skills I have, I felt better about who I am and what I could do. This made me feel better about my overall situation AND my ability to change it for the better.

God also blessed me to get encouragement from other people as I shared my aspirations to get a job that was a better fit and paid better. After months of browsing positions on Indeed, I finally applied for a position with an insurance company. Within days they called me for an interview. After the interview a job offer was extended and I gave my 2 weeks’ notice.

My advice to all is pay attention to your quirks, likes and dislikes, be willing to change as needed to improve yourself and work on other areas of your life so the vocational aspect isn’t overwhelming your psyche.

Good luck to everybody. I guess I will post another update in a year. ☺