Reply To: Adderall IR vs. Extended release?


As a young adult (24) who was diagnosed at the same time you were (first year in College), I found that the extended release worked well for me but left me somewhat out of touch when I was finished with my engagements. After several years of using it I found that instant release worked much better because of its ability to be utilized only when I needed it, and not lingering when I didn’t. I feel if you have issues with emotional regulation that maybe the XRs are the way to go, otherwise I would recommend at least discussing the concept with your doctor. Nowadays, I feel with proper exercise and nutrition that I really only have to use Ritalin(what I’m prescribed) when I have school tasks to complete or I’m having a more down day than usual. IMO, IR has the ability to develop a tolerance much quicker than with the XR due to the time it takes to kick in and how strongly it effects you when it does. Maybe try and find times or tasks that don’t require its usage and times you feel are worthy of its use, and only take it accordingly? Just an idea. Best of luck with college though, it can be quite overwhelming I’m sure, especially with your major.