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Oooh and I meant to include:

He gets mad when *I* ask anything of him EVEN THE MOST BASIC OF EXPECTATIONS such as HOMEWORK, taking out the trash ONCE A DAY, REPLACING THE TRASH BAG IN THE NEWLY EMPTIED CAN, SHOWERS, BRUSHING HIS TEETH, BRINGING HIS LAUNDRY FROM HIS ROOM TO MINE SO I CAN WASH……. And I’m empathetic to his situation, but it DOESN’T HELP when he can treat his dad with exceptionally more respect and profoundly less attitude… It makes me question my understanding of ADHD to watch him control his emotions and reactions so much more effectively (no not at all entirely controlled but HELEN KELLER would notice the difference) when his dad is present… (I’m a stay at home mom, dad works a lot to support us💕)

I asked him if he respected *anyone* in the world one day (it had been a draining week and I was exasperated ) and he said yes, I respect dad. I asked why he thought I didn’t make the cut for the respected roster and after some thought, he said “I’m mad with you and not dad” I asked him if he knew why he was mad with me, and again he thought it through before replying with a shrug that it was because I’m his mom and he needs me to help him but he’s angry that I don’t know how to help him 💔💔💔 Baby boy, I’m mad at me too… But all I can do is try….. 😢