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After I was out of college I learned that I could have gotten services and gotten diagnosed at the college I think for free. Look for something that like Disability Services or something like that and go talk with them. You will have that right of decision once your 18. Whether you have it or not your always welcome to still be a part of the community.

I think it’s marvelous that you want to express your in an Exuberant fashion!! Don’t stop being you!! We do still need to live by some standard to make in the world generally. As a young adult you’ll get to arrange a lot more of your personal life with your characteristics in mind. Just for example, you can have 2 colors of the same type socks so you can toss them in an open lidded container instead of matching when doing laundry. Maybe chose clothes that you put on hooks instead of hangers or that don’t wrinkle. For now helping with your Mom with laundry, doing something along with it, listening or brainstorming while folding. Just keep your hands moving folding. What style of putting away do you think is easiest for you? Opened containers that you can already see thru them to drop or toss stuff in? If you lay papers down one on top of each other they will already be in date order from current to later. So if you could “toss” the papers into an open basket or box might help. Maybe develop a launch pad area in your room where you put everything you will come home with keys, purse, backpack etc in same place or leave with next day. Make things easier for you to put things away to what fits your natural style of handling things. Cardboard boxes are a dime a dozen and you could experiment with them before paying money for other types. I have all but a few pairs of special shoes in an open box in the bottom of my closet. I use the edge to flip them in their or get one big enough to stand in and take your shoes off in it. The ones you use the most will end up on top. I can’t seem to do them any other way without a hassle. Soon you’ll be having to do a lot of things on your own.

What natural positive traits do you have already? Don’t hide them but let them shine for others to see and they will attract others. If you find getting up in the morning is difficult, then try to take your classes during times that fit more with your bodies natural rythem a little later in the day.

This can be a marvelous time for you! Hang in there!