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Penny Williams

You do have to watch generics closely. They don’t always work the same with ADHD. But, if you didn’t change the bottle of pills between good results and bad, this isn’t the issue.

It may simply be that she needs a medication where the dose can be really fine-tuned. If you could land between 10 mg and 15 mg on Focalin it might be just right. The liquid medications, like Quillivant, offer that.

Quillivant XR: ADHD Medication FAQ

So, a medication change may be your best option. A change in medication efficacy could be related to many other things too though. Change in sleep, change in diet, food and drink with citric acid within an hour of medication, an increase in anxiety for some reason, etc… It’s time to be a detective and see if anything is different.

Here’s more insights on finding the right medication and dosage:

Five Rules for Treating ADHD in Children with Stimulant Medications

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