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You’re post showed up on my email, I also have a deep religious faith, and that has been the cornerstone of my treatment. I actually see a specialist in adhd who works at a Christian-based center. A typical response “oh I have that too I think”. Not saying they may not qualify if diagnosed, but my case according to my therapist (who is also an adhd specialist with years and years of experience) I fall on the “ultra-extreme” end of the spectrum. Without my meds (was off for 8 months in regards to being pregnant with my daughter—next time I will STAY on, but didn’t know better) I had such painful hyperactivity they actually classified it as severe akathasia and another neurologist thought Parkinson’s. I was running 10 miles 3 x a day (yes 30 miles at 9 months pregnant) and I couldn’t perform my job I loved. It was hard for people to believe it was just my adhd, but once my Adderall resumed, I was back to myself. Actions convinced them. Still get heartbroken about not being Believed, but I know I need to continue the process of letting go. Also been told I’m just irresponsible and maladjusted and unreliable. I have been hit by a truck while walking across the street one morning that I didn’t take my med, ive started fires from forgetting I e cooked, lost 1000s of dollars by leaving at the store or dropping, etc. again, others may say “oh I’ve done that” (to the less hectic things). I am a recovering alcoholic, so I keep quiet about it there, although my sponsor who is VERY active in my 12-step program and has 12 years sober, and is a liscenced therapist knows that it is essential to treat my adhd, she knows how bad it is—I’m not one who can manage it by “clean eating”—and if I did exercise I would kill myself from exhaustion. I do still run 6-8 miles 6 days a week, but I can Ter. My vitals are back down to normal too (meds male heart rate lower ironically, bc I’m actually able to rest my legs). Anyway, It has been frusturatinh in the past..BUT my faith is actually what has helped me let that go!! I recognize, my goal isn’t to place my security in people. We are all human (including me ) and we make mistakes. I’m learning to depend on God for that security, He has always seen by heart no matter what, and He has redeemed me in miraculous ways over and over. I know all things are possible: I got that job back by the way, and it’s an even higher position!!! I believe I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and God led me to a job where my adhd is an asset rather than a deficient. I am a data scientist, and the first in the company, so I get to come up with all the projects myself!! I get to be my “messy genius” self (nickname from my mom l). I get to learn new things and stay challenged and never bored. And I only 1% of my job in clerical, if even that!!! Adhd doesn’t have to be a liability if you find the right fit!! It was God who led me to this place in life!! And my daughter is as hyper as I was (she’s 10 months old)—having to run around and entertain her keeps me from getting bored!!!! I’m learning creative ways to keep my commitments and “organize”. I guess my faith taught me persistence, and tenacity, and that no one is EVER too far gone