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OMG I thought I was the only one who looked forward to Monday and I thought it meant I was a bad mother. It makes so much more sense now reading all these replies. I had a specific area at work. I was a medical transcriptionist. I did not have many distractions. I listened and typed and was VERY GOOD at my job. I did it for 32 years, 15 of those at home. I had no problem getting my work done. I was paid by the line and the more I focused, the faster I typed, the more money I earned. That was incentive!

I retired 7/16 at age 58 due to fibromyalgia after having a frozen shoulder. I was lucky to have been able to transcribe from ages 21-53. I worked 4 more years as director of an assisted living facility. My ability to shift priorities was an asset in that job, but after 4 years I was mentally and physically done.

I thought my house would be clean and organized within 6 months. Ha!

Oh you mean I actually have to DO it, not just think about it?

I use both Flylady and A Slob Comes Clean strategies and am hopeful. I clean my kitchen every night. I swish and swipe my bathrooms nearly every day. I do laundry as soon as I have a load (it’s just me and my DH of almost 40 years). I quilt and sew and that brings it’s own challenges to messiness. But I am trying and coping and do the best I can.

I also have Gretchen Rubin’s books, Better than Before and The Four Tendencies and yes I am an obliger. Do you work to meet other’s expectations to the point of exhaustion? Um yes that’s me. I need to read The Four Tendencies, but even Better than Before was very helpful. I will dig my iPad out and start it today. It’s been on there since it came out!

Here is to accomplishing things today!